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We look forward to a safe, fun, and exciting summer! This season Willowsford has contracted Access Granted Systems to provide a brand-new pool entry method.

In lieu of key fobs, pool passes will now be in the form of an “ePass”, accessible via your cell phone. All residents will be required to provide their ePass to access the pools and/or Splash Park.

Getting signed up is easy and there is no fee to apply. Simply complete the application, add all permanent members of your household along with a photo of each member, and submit.

Electronic pool passes will be sent via email and can easily be shared with your family and stored in the wallet app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pass policy?

All patrons must present their pass to the lifeguard daily.

How do I request my pool passes?

Please click the apply online green button.

How do I know I submitted my application correctly?

After submitting your online application, you will be directed to a “Success Page“.

You will also receive a confirmation email with an Application ID.

Does everyone in my household need a pool pass?

Yes – Permanent Household Members 3 years and above must have a pool pass to access the pools and Splash Park

Do I have to submit a photo for everyone who needs a pool pass?

Yes. All household members and Caregivers must submit a photo. The photo will be used by the lifeguards to accurately identify you as a resident.

What constitutes a Permanent Household Member?

Permanent Household Members are family members who permanently reside in your household for 6 months or more per year.

What constitutes a Caregiver?

A caregiver is someone over the age of eighteen (18) who is not a Willowsford resident and is authorized to bring your children to the pool.

Can I add my Caregiver to my application so they can take my kids to the pool?

Residents must complete and submit a Caregiver Form for their caregivers to receive a pool pass. Caregiver Forms can be found here  Caregivers must be in the company of the household they represent to access the pool. Caregiver passes must be renewed every season.

Why was my pool pass application put on hold?

If members are not added to your Household Registration Form, they will not be able to receive a pool pass. Please ensure your household registration form is up to date and all permanent household members have been added. You can add members to your Household Registration Form here

How can I purchase guest passes?

Guest passes may be purchased at the pool entrance or in the HOA office. Credit card payments only please.

How many guest passes may I purchase?

Residents are limited to 4 guests per day.

When will I receive my electronic passes I can add to my Apple Wallet or Android Wallet App?

You’ll receive an email with your electronic passes AFTER your application has been approved.

How do I use electronic passes?

Please view our help article.  CLICK HERE (opens in a new tab)

What if I don’t have a cell phone?

The Association is working on a solution for those that do not have a cell phone.

I was denied access to the pool, what should I do?

Pool access is permitted to residents in good standing. Please reach out to for information about why your access was denied.

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