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Swimming Pool Passes
Helping property managers and board members
manage their community pool
I'm a patron
I'm an administrator

Swimming Pool Passes is a division of Access Granted Systems.  Community’s use this site to post applications, instructions, pool rules, and sell passes.

Patrons: The best place to start is by visiting your community’s webpage.

Administrators: Learn more about us by visiting Access Granted Systems.

AGS Plus SPP Plus PP
Passes Printed

Print & Mail Pool Passes

Process Applications

Households Served

Send ePasses

Sell Guest Passes

Build Applications

Build Websites


More than just software - It's a partnership

Founded in 2014 by pool management professionals, our vision was to solve some common pool access problems using technology.  Our team processes, prints and mails passes quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

We believe our solutions should be:
  • Custom built for your unique community
  • Easy for property managers to use
  • Fast for patrons to get their passes
  • Hassle free for board members
  • Simple for pool companies to enforce
Committed to your success

Our team works with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of our services.  We update you on new features and share tips and strategies.  Your success is our success.

See for yourself why we're your #1 option
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