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We look forward to a safe, fun, and exciting summer. This summer your community is using Access Granted Systems to process pool applications.

If you have already registered last year, no further action is needed. Your account will become active once your dues are processed. If you are new, please register and add a photo for each family member. Thanks!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Kingston Chase Pool?

Kingston Chase Pool is only open to Kingston Chase Homeowners Association (KCHOA) members in Herndon, VA. No outside memberships are allowed. You are a member once you pay your dues, but you must also complete an application to use the pool.

Why do we need to apply to use the pool?

Your Board has implemented a new automated system to help check members into the pool this year. The system will capture emergency contact information, automate guest passes, and allow the guards to verify your picture when you check-in. This will help protect all residents from any unauthorized use of the pool.

How do I apply to use the pool?

Please use the Apply Online button above to begin an application. You must provide information, including a photo of each person authorized to use the pool in your household. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and approved. You will receive a confirming email, and then you may use the pool. Your lot number will still be the means of access to the pool. Please see the rules concerning access by others living in your household, such as long-term temporary occupants and grandchildren.

How do I know I submitted my application correctly?

After submitting your online application, you will be directed to a “Success Page“.

You will also receive a confirmation email with an Application ID.

What happens if I have not completed an application?

The simple answer is that you will not be permitted to use the pool. While it will be far easier to apply from the comfort of your home, we will have times posted when you can come to apply on-site. Over the summer, the guards will also be able to help you. You must use a guest pass if you do not have a picture on file

How do I renew my membership annually?

Your membership is automatically renewed when you pay your annual dues. Anyone from a lot that has not paid their annual dues will be permitted into the pool area. This includes participation on the swim team. You may submit a new application should you need to update your photo or if any information changes.

Can I still bring guests to the pool?

Yes, of course. You can use existing printed guest passes or the new automated ones. You can purchase additional guest passes online as you used to, but they will now automatically be credited to your account. If you want to turn in old printed passes, we will credit those to your account.

Can I still use my existing guest passes?

Existing physical guest passes can still be used but will be phased out. You can, however, turn in your old guest passes, and the number of passes turned in will be added to your online tally. Then, when you wish to bring a guest, just let the guards know, and one guest pass will be deducted. Guest passes can be purchased online, and the guards can tell you how many guest passes you have remaining.

What is the entry policy?

All patrons must say their lot number to the lifeguard daily.

What is the guest policy?

All guests must have a guest pass and be accompanied by a member with valid membership.

How do I purchase or request guest passes?

Please purchase a guest pass by clicking the green button above. Your passes will be added to your lot.

Need Help?

Ask a pool committee member or the guards if you have additional questions.

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