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We look forward to a safe, fun, and exciting summer. This summer your community is using Access Granted Systems to process pool applications.

Before starting your application, make sure to have the following information:

  • Name and birth date of each applicant
  • Photo of each applicant
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request my pool passes?

Please click the apply online blue button.

How do I know I submitted my application correctly?

After submitting your online application, you will be directed to a “Success Page“.

You will also receive a confirmation email with an Application ID.

How do I get my ePasses?

Your community will send them to you by email.  Check your Inbox for an email from  If you can’t find it there, check your spam mailbox.

It is critical that you did not misspell your email when submitting an application.  Check the same email address you used to submit an application.

How do I use electronic passes?

You can add your electronic pass to your Apple Wallet or Android Wallet app and show them to the lifeguards when you check in.

You can also take a picture of your pass and save it to the Photos app on your phone.

If you prefer a hard copy, print out a copy of the pass and take it with you to the pool.

Please view our help article.  CLICK HERE (opens in a new tab)

What is the pass policy?

All pool members must have a valid pass to use the pool.

All members will be issued a pool pass; however, pool privileges may be suspended due to issues with your account.  If your pool privileges have been suspended, contact TMGA at for assistance.

How do I update my pool membership to add or remove members from my account or make other changes?

Complete the pool pass application for the members who should be on your account.  At the end of the application, click the box next to, “Check here if this is your 2nd submission this year.”

How do I purchase guest passes?

Each pool membership comes with 10 free guest admissions. Additional passes can be purchased for $15 for 10 visits. Children under 5 years of age do not require a guest pass. Click on “Visit Your Community’s Website” below for more details regarding the community’s guest pass policy.

What is the yellow box when I try to purchase guest passes?

Please enter a barcode number from your ePasses when you buy guest passes.  This way, guest passes are automatically added to your membership when you buy them.

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